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Automation and Optimization of 

Internal Control and Auditing

Monitor Plus Internal Control and Continuous Auditing™ is a solution that automates auditing activities in real-time to optimize institutional process and system efficiency and efficacy and compliance to applicable regulations and requirements. This model helps ensure internal control process and system quality and efficacy to protect the organization’s value, and the reliability of the integrity of financial and operative information.

This system integrates permanent control and risk evaluation to ease their management and allow identifying exceptions or anomalies in institutional processes and systems. This solution has a model that is pre-configured and can be set to adjust current necessities and the institution’s methodology, ensuring profitability by reducing economic loss generated by non-compliance of policies or procedures, or repetitive errors.


  • Friendly control environment for systematical operations and inclusion of tools that maximize data exploitation in real time.

  • Effective analysis automation for programed and automatic controls.

  • Timely detection and prevention of possible errors.

  • Increased adaptability to changes in the institution or its environment that represent new risks and require monitoring and control.

  • Increased effectiveness and profitability of auditing teams, especially those scattered in different locations.

  • Sinergy and increased efficiency in lines of defense to improve results.

  • Improved fulfilment of auditing objectives through an extensive analysis of cases under review (unlike working with samples).


Monitor Plus® includes a real-time datamart that accumulates transactional behavior in real-time and under multiple customizable criteria to approach different needs (ex. KYC, KYE, controls by region, alerts by jurisdiction, etc.)


Datamart analysis allowstoring or accumulating information from multiple variables, storing occurrence counters, amount accumulators, time difference between last transactions/operations, last data received for comparative data analysis, etc.


This model also includes a Case Management tool that allows documenting support instances and interaction with different members of the institution to back-up the auditor’s investigation processes and results, classify events and/or scenarios, communicate incidents and forward all the previous to the Auditing Committee.


Monitor Plus Internal Control and Continuous Auditing™ provides institutions with a methodology that optimizes auditor’s efficacy and efficiency through automation, reliability, security and integrity in the management of controls and vulnerabilities by means of real-time monitoring and analysis.

Exploit your Data

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The Monitor Plus Analytics™ submodule may be acquired additionally. This is an information management system that provides customized consultations and managerial reports. This tool enables a quick and effective visual data analysis to optimize decision-making on accurate data.

This system can be used as a basis to analyze system or team performance through various consultations (as per requirement). For example:

  • Overall test graphs.

  • Planning analysis. 

  • Control health.

  • Case management by auditor. 

  • Risk analysis of customers, processes or management of institutional areas.

  • Analysis of probable common points of error or vulnerability.

This tool is accessible from smart devices and allows the user to define a friendly presentation format for data, easily grouping different criteria to combine multiple data sources in a single view.