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Ramon Heredia

"Lean Startup Methodology in Banking"

Serial entrepreneur with a focus on developing and strengthening the Latin American financial innovation ecosystem. Heredia has an MBA from Chile University and participates in directory roles for Digital Bank Latam, EBanking News, Grupo Componente and Grupo Digital, as well as contributing to business incubators and startups. He is also the author of “The Digital Revolution”, “The Future of Financial Services and Digital Ecosystems” and “The Revolution of All Industries”.

Jorge Domingo Samayoa

"Making Digital Transformation Safe"

"The Power of Machine Learning in Monitoring"

Plus TI Founder and CEO. A pioneer in real time monitoring and prevention systems for the Latin-American financial industry with a long trajectory in the informatics and technology industry.

Giovanni Castellanos

"The Power of Monitor Plus in the Era of Transformation"

VP of Sales and Marketing at Plus TI. Passionate about simplicity, innovation, out-of-the-box thinking, and jazz. Castellanos has ample experience in the information technology industry in different roles such as educator, Solution Architect, Consultant, Fraud Prevention Product Manager, and Marketing Manager. 

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Jose Carlos Monzon
"The Road to Success: Surmounting Risks
with an Integrated and Convergent Approach"

Plus TI Corporate General Manager with over 30 years of experience facing business challenges, including multiple IT projects. During his trajectory, Jose Carlos has gained ample knowledge and a willingness to learning to enhance the real experience of institutions around the world.

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Ilian Vasco

"Risk Management in the Era of Digital Transformation"

Plus TI Product and Marketing VP with over 12 years of experience in the financial sector. Vasco is an international speaker and has led different AML processes and consulted in over 10 countries in Latin America. He also served as Monitoring and UIAF Report Director in Occidente Bank, SARLAFT and Risk Director, and Compliance Officer in financial institutions in several countries. He has also aided multiple AML & CFT, and Risk Management diagnostics and refinement processes.

Martha Leuro

"Financial Crime Management as a Business Enabler"

Plus TI Consulting and Transformation VP with over 25 years’ experience in the financial sector. Martha is a specialist in processes of: payment systems, operative processes, risk management, regulatory compliance, and fraud control and prevention model implementation, among others. Her past experience includes serving as CISO for BBVA Group – Colombia, main member of the VISA committee, Colombian Banking Association and CELAES. She is also certified as “ISO 22301 Chief Auditor – Business Continuity Management” and is knowledgeable in cybersecurity and information technology.  

Mario Gonzalez

"APIfication in Banking"

VP of Innovation at Plus TI where he leads an enthusiastic and motivated team to develop innovative products. He has ample experience in the IT industry in different sectors, having previously served in management positions in multinationals like Phillip Morris and banking institutions. González is also an active member in the Central American entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem.

William Vinasco

"Banking: Next Generation Operational Model"

"The Future of Digital Identity"

Gpro Digital Consultant. Banking expert with ample experience in digital transformation processes for the financial sector.

Omar Veliz

"Banking Trojans: A Risk to 2-Factor-Authentication"

Cybersecurity Solutions Architect at Plus TI with a focus in cyberintelligence, ethical hacking, penetration testing, APTS detection, and malware. He has varied experience in cybersecurity and is a BackTrackAcademy Ambassador for Latin America. Veliz also conducts research on information security, has participated in multiple world-class events regarding his expertise, and is a cybersecurity consultant with private institutions and CERTs.

Felix Guerrero

"Investing in your MPA is Having an Ace Up Your Sleeve"

Plus TI Accounts VP with over 30 years of experience in security, auditing and risk areas of the financial sector and over 14 years in operations and sales as a solutions provider. Felix is a Systems Engineer from Pedro Henriquez Ureña National University of Dominican Republic.

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