Monitor Plus ICM™ 

Intertrade Control Manager

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Management & Control of 

Wire Transfers

Monitor Plus ICM™ (Intertrade Control Manager) is a comprehensive and real-time solution for wire transfer management and control (local and international) that uses SWIFT-based or similar protocols. This system complements anti-money laundering, fraud prevention and operational risk management efforts.


This model incorporates best industry practices and can validate data against watchlists from OFAC, CIA, UN, EU, or any other electronic list. The system analyzes different criteria in real time and validates messages such as: wire transfers, import/export letters of credit, stand-by letters of credit, collections, etc.


Monitor Plus ICM™ is capable of denying transactions that generate alerts due to recognition of non-compliance patterns or watchlist coincidences, which results in a workflow for due process case management, authorization/denial, and proper documentation.

Main functions

  • Money laundering and fraud prevention and operational risk management.

  • Watchlist download, management and validation.

  • Detection of sent messages that are not registered in the institution’s platform.

  • Documentation of investigation cases.

  • Automation of controls and increased productivity.

  • Investigation process automation (case management).

  • ACK confirmation message management and delivery to customers.

  • NACK message management and alerts.

  • Transaction log for auditing.

  • SARs.