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Fraud Risk Manager

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Comprehensive Management of

Fraud Risks

Monitor Plus FRM™ (Fraud Risk Manager) is a specialized module for risk management under an end-to-end fraud perspective that detects, analyzes, classifies, measures, prioritizes, controls, mitigates, and evaluates these risks. This solution empowers organizations in proper fraud risk management (qualitative and quantitative) and helps comply with international regulations. 


Monitor Plus FRM™ (Fraud Risk Manager) includes:


  • Detection of vulnerabilities and loss exposure associated to internal/external fraud (including risk identification in process diagrams).

  • Risk and control auto-evaluation model that combines both approaches to risk measurement (qualitative and quantitative) and an effective los event tracking system.

  • Allows defining risk indicators related to fraud management and alerts regarding risks that surpass institution-defined thresholds. 

  • Risk maps, institutional risk level and prioritization for mitigation.

  • Reduction and control of loss related to operational risks to increase profitability.

  • Automatic follow-up of action plans associated to control and mitigation measure implementation.

  • Managerial reports for improved decision making.