Monitor Plus®

Compliance Suite




Monitor Plus® is an advanced analysis and monitoring, multi-purpose system that runs up to real time through an assembly of Machine Learning techniques and expert models.


The Monitor Plus Compliance Suite is made of proven solutions that monitor and analyze transactions under a risk based focus for:

  • AML & CTF

  • Anti-Bribery & Corruption

  • Wire Transfers (local and international).

  • FATCA/CRS Compliance

  • Risk Score and Persons Risk Mitigation

  • Due Diligence (SDD, EDD).

  • Risk Factors Segmentation.

  • Onboarding.

  • KYC, KYE, KY3 and UBO.

  • Undisclosed relations analysis.

  • Funds origin and destination analysis.

  • Watchlist download and management (OFAC, CIA, UN, PEPs, etc.).

  • Quantitative and qualitative Risk Management

  • Data quality management.

  • Tools for graphic analysis and model tuning.


Monitor Plus 4.2.4 is PCI PA-DSS 3.2 validated



Monitor Plus ACRM+™ (Advanced Compliance Risk Manager)

AML & CTF. KYC, KYE, KY3, UBOl. Customer and persons on boarding, risk scoring for persons and branches. Simplified and enhanced due diligence. Watchlist management. Analysis of funds origin and destination. Undisclosed relations analysis. Suspicious activity reports (SARs).


Monitor Plus ICM™ (Intertrade Control Manager)

Real-time control over wire transfers (local and international) for AML, CTF and operative risk management. Watchlist management. Controls and case management automation. Auditing log and SAR’s. 

Monitor Plus FATCA/CRS™ 

Tax evasion regulatory compliance. New and existing account analysis and monitoring. FATCA/CRS scoring. Due diligence (SDD, EDD), report generation and management.

Monitor Plus CRM™ (Compliance Risk Manager)

Risk management to optimize controls and AML & CTF compliance. Definition of risk factors and sub-factors. Risk detection and assessment. Risk mitigation and automation. Treatment evaluation, risk matrixes and maps. 

Monitor Plus ABC™ (Anti-Bribery & Corruption Manager)

Continuous real-time monitoring of transactions with a high-risk of corruption or bribery. Customer/employee risk analysis. Control activity automation. Transactional analysis and event correlation. 

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Monitor Plus DQM™ (Data Quality Manager)

Process optimization and detection and prevention of errors and fraudulent data. Real-time data quality assurance (accuracy, consistency, completeness and validity) through low-friction validation with customer.