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Prevention of

Tax Evation

Monitor Plus FATCA/CRS™ is a solution that aids institutions in complying with international tax evasion regulations, reducing costs and increasing operative efficiency in the related processes. This module favors the exchange of pertinent information regarding customer assets and income that have entered the institution, integrating the process of customer identification and documentation (due diligence) and report generation.


Monitor Plus FATCA/CRS™ is useful in regulatory compliance during onboarding and throughout the entire relationship with customers, which helps maintain a continuous process of updating data to favor quality.




This solution aids institutions in compliance and managing operational challenges related to due diligence and analysis of indicia to identify the following types of persons:


  • US citizens.

  • US residents.

  • US Companies.

  • Companies with substantial US investment.

  • Other types of persons applicable to this legislation.




Monitor Plus FATCA/CRS™ also favors the automated exchange of financial and tributary information necessary for Common Reporting Standard (CRS) requirements by applying a larger scope in the due diligence process and validating fiscal residence of persons (natural or legal).





  • New and existing account analysis and monitoring.

  • Customer information validation processes.

  • FATCA/CRS scoring.

  • Due diligence for customers subject to FATCA/CRS requirements.

  • Report generation and management.


Exploit Your Data

The Monitor Plus Analytics™ submodule may be acquired additionally. through Monitor Plus ACRM+ This is an information management system that provides customized consultations and managerial reports. This tool enables a quick and effective visual data analysis to optimize decision-making on accurate data.

This system can be used as a basis to analyze system or team performance through various consultations (as per requirement). For example:

web, analytics, programming.png


  • Evolution of investigated cases

  • Cases by different dimensions

  • Analysis of investigated cases

  • Cases grouped by flag

  • Cases investigated by region

Workflow (FATCA / CRS)

  • Summary

  • Questions

  • Geographic distribution

  • Case evolution

  • Profile

This tool is accessible from smart devices and allows the user to define a friendly presentation format for data, easily grouping different criteria to combine multiple data sources in a single view.