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Prevention of Loss and

Fraud in Retail 

Monitor Plus Retail Loss Prevention™ is a real-time monitoring and analysis solution that prevents and controls fraud and loss from operational deficiency. This system analyzes employee risk, monitores various activities and correlates disperse events that take place before the incident. Additionally, it facilitates the creation of deterring elements  (based on its multi-dimensional analysis and scope) and integration of third-party systems (such as CCTV) to increase effectivity in prevention and control management. 


Main benefits:


  • Reduced loss from fraud or operational deficiency.

  • Employee and their operations risk scoring.

  • Detection of process or policy non-compliance or deviations.

  • Focus on high-risk transactions

  • Direct and real-time interaction with field investigators.

  • Reduced costs of investigative operations due to distributed alerts.

  • Encourages a culture of prevention

  • Deterring factors

Monitor Plus

Retail Loss Prevention™