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Internal Fraud Manager

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Internal Fraud

Monitor Plus IFM™ (Internal Fraud Manager) is a comprehensive solution that prevents and controls multiple internal fraud modalities by applying controls and deterring elements. Additionally, this solution detects and anticipates fraud from early stages to protect institutions before threats materialize by correlating events in real-time and collecting data from multiple systems


This module focuses on two main areas:


  • Profile-based employee risk level.

  • Employee transactional behavior based on an analysis of their operations throughout the different systems they use. 


Monitor Plus IFM™ determines every employee’s inherent risk level (based on an analysis of their general information, economic pressure, job and access level, satisfaction polls, etc.) and recognizes fraud risks from their early stages to continuously follow up on these and maintain updated risk scores for each individual. Additionally, this system analyzes transactional risk of every employee across different channels and products, and monitors their physical accesses, password use, vacation days, their accounts and those of their family members.