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Branch Banking Fraud Detector

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Fraud Prevention in

Financial Branches

Monitor Plus Branch Banking Fraud Detector™ (previously known as Monitor Plus AFD™) is a comprehensive real-time solution that prevents internal an external fraud, aids in policy and procedural compliance, prevents errors, and optimizes utilities in financial branches and non-banking correspondents. This solution is useful to banks, cooperatives, savings banks, etc. 


This system monitors financial and non-financial transactions in real-time (teller, customer service, compensation, passwords and physical access, check cashing, withdrawals, service payments, debit and credit notes, reversals, annulments, overdraft authorizations, etc.) and risks in processes, correlating different events to detect fraud patterns. This model detects, alerts and timely prevents internal fraud in real-time by monitoring suspicious consultations, data breaches, and alterations to private information that are suspect of preparation of future fraud. This system interacts with the institution’s authorizer to recommend transaction authorizations/denials o conduct alternate validation processes for high-risk transactions.


Monitor Plus Branch Banking Fraud Detector™ uses statistical analysis to jointly profile customer and employee behavior. It can also react immediately through an automatic defense system (account blocking, user or terminal inactivation, etc.) when facing high-risk situations that merit such measures.


  • Reduced internal/external fraud.

  • Reduced operational errors.

  • Policy and procedure compliance.

  • Machine Learning and expert system-guided antifraud protection in: teller operations, customer service platform, compensation, passwords and physical access, event correlation and processes.

  • Fraud prevention in digital account openings.


  • Analysis of customer profile and their products.

  • Employee statistical profiling.

  • Timely detection of irregularities.

  • Automatic verification with customers for high-risk operations.

  • Automatic defensive actions.

  • Precise and low volume alerts.

  • Highly flexible and adaptable detection model.