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Advanced Compliance Risk Manager

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Monitor Plus ACRM+™ (Advanced Compliance Risk Manager) is a specialized module that aids institutions in local and international regulatory compliance. This system includes different functionalities that are useful in managing risks related to money laundering and terrorism financing. It is also useful in the fulfillment of KYC, KYE, KY3, and UBO requirements.


This solution helps determine and associate client inherent risk during their entire relationship with the institution, apply mitigation measures, and analyze customer transactional habits, comparing them based on parameters and adaptive rules, statistical methods, and transactional habits of their segment. It also helps optimize the accuracy and number of alerts and SARs, reducing false positives and increasing analyst productivity through the Alert Viewer that facilitates visualizing and managing alerts for effective decision-making.


Monitor Plus ACRM+™ (Advanced Compliance Risk Manager) facilitates due diligence, onboarding of high-risk clients and PEPs, as well as visualizing the origin and destination of funds between a focal entity and other actors, Additionally, it provides an entity link analysis that visualizes links between a focal entity and other actors through coincidences in data (such as phone numbers, emails, addresses, etc.)



  • Transactional monitoring up to real-time.

  • Risk factor-based client scoring.

  • Onboarding risk analysis.

  • Client risk profile.

  • Abnormal client transactional behavior compared to their segment.

  • Enhanced due diligence and documentation.

  • Watchlist download, management and validation.

  • Customer and risk factor segmentation.

  • Analysis and visualization of transaction origin and destination.

  • Alert quality, accuracy and management.

  • Investigation and documentation workflow.


Watchlist Management

Monitor Plus ACRM™ can manage and validate all type of electronically available lists (international watchlists such as OFAC or EU, local, PEP’s, the institution’s own lists, third-party provided lists, etc.) against all types of persons (customers, employees, providers, shareholders, etc.), countries or jurisdictions.


The system can validate these lists at any moment, for example:


  • Onboarding.

  • Whenever changes occur in persons or their relations to products.

  • When lists are updated.

  • When transactions that must be monitored occur.

  • Periodic screenings.

Monitor Plus® validates lists in different ways to achieve a flexible and dynamic analysis that favors a high-level of detection. The system performs phonetic and text comparisons, assigning different percentage scores to coincidences. The detection model conducts different types of measurements to avoid false positives, taking into consideration: word length, word count, rejections and their exceptions, etc.


These lists may be updated manually or automatically and, in any necessary periodicity.  

Listas ingés


Exploit Your Data

The Monitor Plus Analytics™ submodule may be acquired additionally. This is an information management system that provides customized consultations and managerial reports. This tool enables a quick and effective visual data analysis to optimize decision-making on accurate data.

This system can be used as a basis to analyze system or team performance through various consultations (as per requirement). For example:

web, analytics, programming.png

Alert Viewer

Digital Onboarding or WEB/APP Transfers

  • Number of cases in Alert Viewer.

  • Cases grouped by different criteria.

  • Pending alerts per investigator.

  • Alert summary.

Investigation Cases

Digital Onboarding or Web/APP Transfers

  • Customer profile by investigation case.

  • Number of cases by result and period.

  • Productivity by analyst.

  • Range of amounts and cases by list of criteria.

  • Cases by different grouping criteria.

  • Device GPS location.

  • Cases by country - OP.

  • Top N IP's

  • Grouped investigation cases.

  • Case evolution by browser.

  • Crossed dimensions.

This tool is accessible through smart devices and allows the user to define a friendly presentation format for data, easily grouping different criteria to combine multiple data sources in a single view.