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About the Event

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The Monitor Plus User Conference is one of the most important and innovative events of the region that combines the best academic thought with practical knowlege regarding current issues and provides practical proposals regarding AML, risk management, fraud and cybercrime prevention, innovation and Plus TI solutions.

Event topics:


  • Banking in the Digital Era

  • AML

  • Cybercrime & Fraud Prevention

  • Risk & Opportunities Management

  • Innovation

  • Solutions

Invitation from Nando Parrado

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This year, the events industry has been affected by social distancing measures and we have taken this as an opportunity to innovate. For this reason, we will now host the event in a new way through an advanced platform that will bring us close to share a unique experience as similar to reality as possible. 

Now, every participant will immerse themselves in a virtual world with multiple realistic scenarios. They will have the necessary spaces to stimulate the academic mind, connect with other professionals in different countries, as well as areas designed for product placement and relaxation.

Attendee perceptions

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Marc Goodman

Keynote Speaker

Global strategist and consultant specialized in the profound impact of technology over security, business and international affairs. Mr. Goodman is the founder of the Future Crimes Institute and has published a great variety of articles regarding the issues of emerging technologies in multiple media outlets.

For the last 20 years, Mr. Goodman has specialized in international cybercrime and terrorism working alongside organizations such as INTERPOL, the UN's Counterterrorist Task Force, NATO, and the US gobernment. 

Mr. Goodmand frequently collaborates with industry leaders, security executives and global policy makers in matters of cyber risk and intelligence in over 70 countries.

His current investigation approaches security implications in emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, robotics, cryptocurrencies, synthetic biology, virtual reality, and the Internet of Things.

Best-seller author: Future Crimes: Inside the Digital Underworld and the Battle for Our Connected World

TED Talk: "A Vision to Future Crimes"


For more information on this speaker, please visit www.prhspeakers.com

Nando Parrado

Motivational Speaker

Nando Parrado was the leader among survivors of the 1972 plane crash in Los Andes mountains. He is a recognized business man, former athlete and TV producer. Nando is also an internationally acclaimed speaker who has developed strategies to unlock people's potencial and assist them to achieve excellence in their work and daily life. In 2010 he was awarded as the "Best Speaker in the World" by the World  Business Forum (New York).

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