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INTERTRADE PLUS® is an effective solution to increase the competitiveness and profitability of your institution, as well as facilitate compliance with international rules and regulations through automatization.


Intertrade Plus Foreign Exchange

  • Provides a high level of operative automatization in foreign Exchange, including international transfers (incoming or outgoing);

  • Interprets SWIFT messages, verifies controls and automatically credits funds to the customer’s account;

  • Debits from customer’s account and generates respective SWIFT message for each outgoing transfer;

  • Controls availability, cost, utility and profitability for every currency online.

  • Controls exchange rates in segments; these are associated to negotiators, who may establish preferential rates;

  • Controls blank form inventory;

  • Very parametric to reduce operative errors; able to block operations for high amounts, payment methods, types of operations, and types of documents by groups of users;

  • Automatically generates expenses/commissions by different criteria;

  • Automatic accounting of all operations based on parameterization of accounting guides.

  • Interface is compatible with other modules such as Letters of Credit, Corresponding Banks, etc.

Intertrade Plus RTGS

The Real Time Gross Settlement system interprets and creates SWIFT messages MT103, MT202, and MT999 for operations among Banks of the same country.


First, Intertrade Plus RTGS interprets messages by retrieving information such as a customer’s data, account, the amount, and payer. Then occurs validation of the customer’s account, match percentage of beneficiary and account owner, and the daily accrued amount by customer. After this, the customer’s account is automatically credited. For outgoing transfers, the system automatically generates the SWIFT message with a copy to the Central Bank. The system is able to send confirmation ACKs messages to customers via email.


It is also possible to specify the accounting procedure for daily operations to the system by parameters. Upon daily closing, the system will transfer this information to the accounting system.

Intertrade Plus Correspondent Banks

This module facilitates control over lines of credit given by corresponding Banks and over accounts held in these, automatically registering operations (Letters of Credit, financing, refinancing, pre-export advances) as well as any account movement such as transfers, check drafts, remittances, or deposits. The system automatically reconciles these account movements, interpreting the SWIFT message SWIFT MT940/MT950.

Intertrade Plus Remittances 

This module facilitates control over received family remittances and manages their process (reception, registry, validation, management, payment to beneficiary, and accounting).


Its features are:

  • Receives remittances through SWIFT messages and other formats;

  • Validates payer and beneficiary against black lists, OFAC list and lists accrued daily, biweekly or any other period specified by the user;

  • Automatically assigns a status based on events;

  • Credits funds to beneficiary after reviewing controls;

  • Automatic accounting of all operations.

Intertrade Plus Letters of Credit


The functions that allow this module to automate are:

  • Controlling and following up on requests;

  • Broadly parametric and allows defining business policies;

  • Automatically generating expenses, commissions and taxes based on defined parameters;

  • Automatic shipment registry and letter of exchange generation as payment guarantee in term operations;

  • Registers discrepancies and customer instruction detailed amendments to inform the correspondent, automatically generating the respective SWIFT message;

  • Settles operations based on expiry dates;

  • Calculates interest for every balance due. Transfers to Refinancing module when specified in negotiation terms;

  • Creates reports and expiration notices.

  • Generates all respective SWIFT messages automatically;

  • Automatic accounting of all operations;

Intertrade Plus Collections

An exporter payment management system that registers documents that may be delivered to the importer with either payment of acceptance of letters of credit.

Intertrade Plus Refinancing

This module helps Banks manage foreign currency financing as a result of the exporter’s active capital needs and promotional activities for goods or services that determine reaching international markets.


Its main features are:

  • Manages interest from corresponding and local Banks;

  • Manages payment dates and commitments;

  • Manages credit lines per customer;

  • Online interface compatible with the corresponding banks module to affect lines of credit.


Intertrade Plus Pre-Export Financing

Both modules manage customer requested financing, both for importing merchandise as well as producing it for exportation.


Their main features are:

  • Manages customer’s credit line;

  • Manages and follows up on credit requests from request to approval;

  • Manages and controls expenses and commissions (local or corresponding);

  • Manages interests from corresponding and local Banks;

  • Manages interest or capital payment dates;

  • Expense, commission, interest, and capital settlement for later collection from customer. If the customer does not pay, the system will recognize as a balance due and will generate interest and fees;

  • Online interface is compatible with the corresponding Banks’ module and can affect lines of credit;

  • Generation of SWIFT messages correspondent to each module;

  • Accounting of all operations.

Intertrade Plus Draft Discounting


The most effective module from Plus Technologies for business effects management, including expense collections or commissions, calculating interests and their accounting.


It is designed to facilitate the institution’s task on short term financing to other companies.

Intertrade Plus Bonds


Intertrade Plus Bonds™ is a system that manages documents of warranty requested by a customer or importer. This applies to documents emitted by banks in favor of the customs address to withdraw merchandise when it has arrived prior to its shipping documents. This will generate monthly expenses/commissions as long as the bond is active.