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Business Intelligence for

Customer-Centric Banking

Monitor Plus CCM™ (Customer-Centric Manager) is an effective solution that identifies the next logical product of value to  customers in real time.


This solution works with the powerful Monitor Plus® analysis engine that can analyze information in real time to detect opportunities to provide value to the most qualified customers in the moment of the transaction. It is equipped with a set of functions that generate business opportunities to cross or up-sell products available in the institution’s portfolio.


Profiling and Detection

Scores and Prioritizes Custoemrs

Monitor Plus CCM™ analyzes all the information in the customer data base in accordance to an assessment matrix with multiple criteria (purchase variables) from which it will grant an Inherent Proclivity to Purchase score. Every customer has an initial score which will allow the platform to prioritize those customers with potential to purchase products that have been designed for their profile, but they do not yet possess.

Product Profile

This function feeds the system with products and their commercial profile (including main product characteristics based on target market, cost effectiveness percentage, expected commercial relationship length, among others). These product profile criteria are parametric, which means the institution can add important evaluation variables in the relation process and maintain full control.



A commercial campaign module is integrated into the system to create temporary or indefinite campaigns. These are based in predetermined business events that occur during a customer’s transactional process, such as card usage above a certain amount, a certain type of BIN, a specific week, days or dates, etc. These events may be temporary or indefinite. The campaign administrator has a control dashboard that facilitates follow up on the performance of productive campaigns.

Campaigns may also send out SMS or emails (depending on the segmentation criteria) as a result of customer transactions or segmentation criteria fulfillment such as BIN, account type, etc.



Business Opportunities

Behavioral Analysis

The analysis engine can create a transactional profile for every customer that allows you to know their most common habits in terms of purchases, most used products, preferred channels, transaction amounts, and the most adequate moment to acquire certain products.

Proactivity Data Quality Management

The system evaluates every direct or indirect interaction with the customer taking into consideration the success rate of the offering made. It will take notice when there is negative feedback based in bad quality of information. For example, when a customer is called to a telephone number that is no longer theirs, the system must be notified about this incorrect data. Later, a task to correct this information upon the next customer contact is generated.

Business Opportunities in Real Time

Monitor Plus CCM™ incorporates a real-time business alert generator based on business conditions, campaigns, or proclivity to purchase (relating to one or several products). These alerts may be internal to the organization through the event viewer, interacting with a customer relationship management (CRM) system or directly with the customer through SMS, email, a web service, internet banking, a kiosk, or even an ATM.


Business Optimizer

Monitor Plus CCM™  has a business scenario optimizer that evaluates every business and campaign condition, displays success rates, and considers customer feedback regarding generated opportunities. These are subjected to a simulation process that modifies the assigned scores to the evaluation criteria, for both products and customers.