The Monitor Plus Response to Mobility

Mobility is now an everyday component in corporate lives; from taking notes in a meeting to making banking transactions online. These are some of the activities performed by our clients and collaborators.

Monitor Plus Everywhere™ is a platform that keeps all the functionalities of Monitor Plus® that are most useful in daily activities at your fingertips, and as a result maximize productivity, minimize response times and take advantage of mobile devices’ capture mechanisms.

From viewing monitoring alerts, to capturing evidence or documenting on site (audio notes, photos, location, GPS, video, biometric security, etc.). These are some of the functionalities that are ingrained in the Viewer App from a mobile device connected online with the Monitor Plus® central system. This modality integrates backoffice, field and personnel away from their stations.

Following-up on possible fraud investigation cases detected by Monitor Plus ACF+™ may be performed by multiple persons, who will attach information related to the process in the respective digital file. This digital file may contain multimedia material that is registered on the mobile device and be centralized as part of the general investigation file.

The previous also applies to business areas as Everywhere™ can be used for follow-up and management of new business prospects generated by Monitor Plus CISM™ campaigns. Furthermore, it can capture documentation related to your customers and disregard products for a specific customer by closing the tasks from the customer’s location with no delay.

Everywhere™ incorporates a complete messaging system (interactive chat) for every Monitor Plus® user, facilitating a direct communication channel that may be linked to a specific topic or task. Said communications can also become part of the investigation file. Additionally, the user is able to communicate with the Monitor Plus® Bot to perform pre-configured tasks via the messaging chat.

Using Monitor Plus MyCard™, Millenial option, the user is provided with a self-serve option as this card and transaction management tool will give total control to the user over all their finances, allowing them to decide when to use their card and specify maximum amounts in each channel provided by the bank (such as ATMs, points of purchase, etc.). This is a complementary module for Monitor Plus ACF+ Real Time™.

In closing, as mobility is part of our daily lives and corporate processes are not the exception, Monitor Plus® evolves and stays at the forefront of technology and the needs of its clients in the mobile world.

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