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For a Safer Financial World

Actualizado: 22 de may de 2020

"An advanced analysis and monitoring, multi-purpose system, the product has an assembly of Machine Learning techniques and expert models, helping clients in fighting fraudsters." - Giovanni Castellanos

We are proud to share the recognition we've received from the prestigious CIO Review magazine as one of the 2019 Top 10 Risk & Compliance Solution Providers.

Undoubtedly, this achievement is the result of not only our passion, faith and efforts, but also of the support we receive from collaborators, family, business partners and clients who have placed their trust in us.

This year we'll reach 17 years of industry trajectory and it is very satisfying to have this recognition as a milestone that reminds us that we are on the right road.

For a Safer Financial World!

Article: https://risk-and-compliance.bankingciooutlook.com/vendor/plus-technologies-innovations-plus-ti-innovative-solutions-for-a-financially-safer-world-cid-711-mid-75.html

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