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Comprehensive and Cross-Channel

Fraud Prevention & Control

Monitor Plus® is an advanced and multi-purpose monitoring and analysis system that works up to real-time through an assembly of Machine Learning and expert models.

This solution provides comprehensive customer-centric security and protection against fraud in the following lines of business: 

Monitor Plus 4.2.4 is PCI PA-DSS 3.2 validated.



Monitor Plus DBFD™ (Digital Banking Fraud Detector)

Comprehensive detection before, during and after digital banking session (mobile and web). Low-friction authentication, fraud prevention (internal and external), error prevention, defensive routine execution and cross-channel transactional correlation (when combined with other Monitor Plus® modules).


Monitor Plus PMFD™ (Payment Media Fraud Detector)

Protection for issuers, acquirers, processors, financial switches and end user. Real-time comprehensive detection for fraud prevention and control in payments (card, digital wallets, etc.), card not present transactions, low-friction authentication, detection of common points of compromise, defensive routines and prevention of errors, failures and delays.

Monitor Plus Credit Application and Loans Fraud Detector™

Fraud detection in credits and other types of financing by stolen or synthetic identities. Product protection throughout its lifecycle (from application to cancelation), detection of policy non-compliance and excess of attributions, and prevention of errors.


Monitor Plus BBFD™ (Branch Banking Fraud Detector)

Protection for branch office financial and non-financial operations. Detection and prevention of fraudulent operations, policy non-compliance, errors and failures, and execution of defensive routines.

Monitor Plus IFM™ (Internal Fraud Manager)

Real-time internal fraud prevention. Employee risk scoring, transactional behavior monitoring, recollection of events and multi-source data, detection of multiple fraud modalities, and execution of defensive routines.


Monitor Plus ACM™ (Accounting Control Manager)

Real-time fraud prevention in accounting operations. Detection of irregularities, and legal, regulatory and policy non-compliance.

Monitor Plus Retail Loss Prevention™

Detection and prevention of fraud, policy non-compliance, and  loss in retail.

Monitor Plus Fraud Risk Manager™

Comprehensive fraud risk management for enhanced assessment, analysis, action plan and controls implementation, mitigation and evaluation.

Monitor Plus Fraud Hub™

A collaborative environment for financial institutions to share intelligence on new or repetitive fraud modalities, detected points of compromise, reduce reaction times and prevention before the occurrence of fraud events.

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Monitor Plus DQM™ (Data Quality Manager)

Process optimization and detection and prevention of errors and fraudulent data. Real-time data quality assurance (accuracy, consistency, completeness and validity) through low-friction validation with customer.