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Monitor Plus CRM™ 

Compliance Risk Manager

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Comprehensive Management of

Regulatory Compliance Risks

Monitor Plus CRM™ (Compliance Risk Manager) is a proven solution that helps achieve effective regulatory compliance risk management, supporting the Compliance department in risk mitigation, avoiding illicit funds laundering and improving results.


This system allows qualitative risk analysis and creating diagrams for every process to evaluate inherent and residual risk at an institutional or multi-company level. This encourages a proactive risk management approach and integrates automated mitigation measures, as well as helping avoid redundancy.


This module includes a set of consultations, graphs and matrix reports that present the advances and results of a risk based-approach to AML management, from which the following can be mentioned:


  • Risk map graphic representation under diverse criteria.

  • Factor-based risk classification.

  • Location-based compliance risks.

  • Graphs for related risks.

  • Action plan graphs.

  • Risk inventory.

  • Inventory of controls and mitigation measures.



  • Defining risk factors and subfactors.

  • Risk identification and evaluation (frequency and impact).

  • Risk management.

  • Creation and assessment of controls.

  • Mitigation of related risks (money laundering and repetitional).

  • Risk mitigation action plan workflows.

  • Compliance risk matrix generation.

  • Heat maps.

  • Monitoring and revision.