About the Event

About the Event

About the Event

About the Event

The Monitor Plus User Conference is one of the most important and innovative events of the region that combines the best academic thought with practical knowlege regarding current issues and provides practical proposals regarding AML, risk management, fraud and cybercrime prevention, innovation and Plus TI solutions.


About the Speakers

Marc Goodman

Keynote Speaker

"Future Crimes"

Global strategist and consultant specialized in the profound impact of technology over security, business and international affairs. Mr. Goodman is the founder of the Future Crimes Institute and has published a great variety of articles regarding the issues of emerging technologies in multiple media outlets.

For the last 20 years, Mr. Goodman has specialized in international cybercrime and terrorism working alongside organizations such as INTERPOL, the UN's Counterterrorist Task Force, NATO, and the US gobernment. 

Mr. Goodmand frequently collaborates with industry leaders, security executives and global policy makers in matters of cyber risk and intelligence in over 70 countries.

His current investigation approaches security implications in emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, robotics, cryptocurrencies, synthetic biology, virtual reality, and the Internet of Things.

Best-seller author: Future Crimes: Inside the Digital Underworld and the Battle for Our Connected World

TED Talk: "A Vision to Future Crimes"

Nando Parrado

Motivational Speaker

"Leadership in Limit Situations"

Nando Parrado was the leader among survivors of the 1972 plane crash in Los Andes mountains. He is a recognized business man, former athlete and TV producer. Nando is also an internationally acclaimed speaker who has developed strategies to unlock people's potencial and assist them to achieve excellence in their work and daily life. In 2010 he was awarded as the "Best Speaker in the World" by the World  Business Forum (New York).

Jorge Domingo Samayoa

CEO & Founder - Plus TI

"For a Financially Safer Digital World"

Jorge Domingo is an expert, innovator and pioneer in the development of real-time, intelligent and monitoring systems designed to prevent financial crime. He is a businessman and founder of Plus TI, and has spoken at international events to support banking institutions in the construction of a safer financial world. Jorge Domingo has ample experience of delivering new technologies and AI to the banking industry and has been an important ally to hundreds of institutions around the globe in cross-channel fraud management through smart and flexible solutions that adapt to new necessities in the digital era and cybercrime.

Jorge Domingo is a firm believer that an ideal anti-fraud strategy is that which involves the organization in a comprehensive manner with the sole purpose of mitigating threats and positively impacting customer experience.

David Schwartz

CEO & President - FIBA

"The New Outloow of Due Diligence

& Reporting"

President and CEO of the Florida International Bankers Association (FIBA), a position from where he stimulates the growth of international banking through education and networking. David has ample experience in US and Latin American financial institutions, including formerly serving as Senior VP and Compliance Risk Manager at Regions Financial Corporation, where he supervised and directed all lines of business in matters of foreign customers and their products, services and transactions, including BSA/AML policy and procedure development and implementation. David is also multilingual, a Shuri-Ryu Karate blackbelt and an avid golfer.

Deepak Daswani

Cybersecurity Services

"IoT: A NEw world of Threats and Hacks"

Systems Engineer from La Laguna University. Deepak is a hacker, cybersecurity expert, teacher and evangelist. He authored the book "The Hacker Threat" and has played a role in different areas of technology in multiple international projects for banking and geographic engineering. His true passion is hacking and he has specialized in cybersecurity investigation and awareness at an international level as a speaker, published author of multiple technical articles and teaching in multiple universities at Master Degrees or education for private companies. Deepak collaborates with multiple media outlets to bring awareness about information security and co-founded Hackron, the Hacking and Cybersecurity Conference at the Canary Islands that is held once a year in Tenerife.

Alberto Lozano

Lozano Consultants

"Crisis and Corruption"

Lozano is a lawyer graduated from Colombia's Del Rosario University with an MBA from Georgetown University. Alberto is the General Manager at Lozano Consulting, a firm that specializes in AML & CTF risk management system design; he also directs Infolaft, a Latin American magazine for industry professionals regarding matters of AML & CTF. 

William Vinasco

Gpro Digital

"Banking Models After COVID-19: Taking the risk

management model to the next level"

William is a consultant at Gpro Digital. He is a banking expert with ample experience in digital transformation for the financial sector. William is also vastly experienced in the financial and non-financial industries in matters of transformation, operations, sales and technology. Some of the strengths he most shares as a product of his trajectory are his ability for strategic planning, business analysis, BPM, negotiation and risk management.

Giovanni Castellanos

Sales & Marketing VP - Plus TI

"Fraud Prevention, A business's

Best Strategic ally"

Giovanni is an expert of unconventional thought and is passionate about simplicity. He has ample experience in innovation and business as a provider of technology solutions and as an ally to financial institutions in the fight against financial crime. Giovanni is a strategist that focuses on business benefits and has helped institutions worldwide to optimize their profitability through smart fraud and cybercrime prevention, delivering the best customer digital experience possible.

Ilian Vasco

Marketing & Product VP - Plus TI

"Compliance in the Digital Era: How to Exploit Virtual

Channels While Mitigating AML Risk""

Ilian has over 12 years’ experience in the financial sector. He is a Systems Engineer with a master’s degree in Digital Marketing and Sales, and is FIBA certified. Ilian is also an international speaker and has led different processes and consulted regarding AML systems in over 10 Latin American countries. He served as Monitoring and UIAF (Financial Information & Analysis Unit) Reporting Director, and SARLAFT & Risk Director at Banco de Occidente, as well as Compliance Officer for financial institutions in several countries. Ilian has also provided support in diagnostics and refinement for AML & CTF and risk management systems in the non-financial sector.

Martha Leuro

Marketing & Product VP - Plus TI

"The Hidden Risks

In the Race For Survival""

Martha has over 25 years’ experience in the financial sector. Martha is a specialist in processes of: payment systems, operative processes, risk management, regulatory compliance, and fraud control and prevention model implementation, among others. Her past experience includes serving as CISO for BBVA Group – Colombia, main member of the VISA committee, Colombian Banking Association and CELAES. She is also certified as “ISO 22301 Chief Auditor – Business Continuity Management” and is knowledgeable in cybersecurity and information technology. 

Carlos Burundarena

Business Compliance Solutions

"The Dankse Bank Case""

Business Compliance Solutions Founder. AML, CFT & Anti-Corruption program design and implementation specialist with experience in various Latin American countries. Carlos is a professor at Buenos Aires University's post-graduate degree in "International Banking and AML"; he also consults for Latin American banks and has hands-on experience as an executive at multiple transational banks.

Juan Pablo Rodriguez

Rics Management

"The New Normal

and AML Compliance""

Rics Management President & CEO, international speaker, and Criminal Lawyer with studies in GRC and Risk Management. Rodriguez is an adviser to financial and non-financial institutions, regulatory entities and guilds in matters of money laundering, fraud, public and private corruption, and criminal law. He is also a trainer in the UN’s ICITAP Financial Intership Program for prosecutors and judicial police and a postgraduate professor in Colombia, Panama, Nicaragua and Uruguay.





Roberto is the Loss Prevention, Business Continuity and Data Security and Protection Directo at Abanca. He has over 15 years' experience and currently leads, conducts and supervises Abanca's global strategy for loss prevention and non-financial risk management, including business continuity, fraud prevention, privacy and security, for which he collaborates with local CEOs from multiple countries in Europe and Latin America. Roberto also leads a multinational team that handles programs, activities, policies and processes throughout the organization's areas of business in terms of continuity, physical security, information security, technological risks,  fraud prevention, and cash and foreign exchange management. Roberto is qualified and certified in subjects most relevant to the sector and is an active member of multiple security committees and boards in Spain.

Martín Rago

Chief Data Scientist - Plus TI

"Technology as a Means

for an Effective Segmentation""

Martín has over 19 years’ experience in the software industry and working with large volumes of data. Rago has masters’ degrees in Financial Analysis from Carlos III University in Spain and Data Mining from Buenos Aires University. 

Raul Castellanos

AML Compliance Product Manager - Plus TI

"Emerging AML&CTF Risk Mitigation,

2020 coso & FATF Analysis""


AML and FATCA FIBA-certified expert with ample experience in financial institution software management. Raul has participated in system implementations in various countries in matters of Corporate Governance, Risk Management, AML, Fraud Prevention, and Internal Control. He has also consulted and actively participated in project implementation in various countries with PSD2 European Regulation, Digital Banking Fraud Prevention & Cybersecurity, Continuous Auditing, among others.

Omar Veliz

Cybersecurity Solutions Architect - Plus TI

"How To Hack a Bank During Quarantine"

Omar focuses in cyberintelligence, ethical hacking, penetration testing, APTS detection, and malware. He has varied experience in cybersecurity and is a BackTrackAcademy Ambassador for Latin America. Veliz also conducts research on information security, has participated in multiple world-class events regarding his expertise, and is a cybersecurity consultant with private institutions and CERTs.

Hector Morales

Fraud Prevention Product Manager - Plus TI

Fraud Prevention Discussion 2

Hector is an expert with over 30 years of experience in software solutions development and implementation for diverse industries as chief of informatics in banking institutions and solutions provider. 

Alvaro Arzayus

Digital Fraud Prevention Product Manager - Plus TI

Fraud Prevention Discussion 2

Alvaro has over 30 years' experience in design, implementation and administration of network and information security solutions focused on the financial sector. He is an expert in risk assessment and evaluation of new technology for monitoring, administration and integration of complex security systems with the goal of protecting transactional systems and services.

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